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Meet the developer: Michela Hancock, Greystar

Greystar is the largest operator of rental housing in the United States and operates in 160 markets worldwide: what brings it to Sitematch London? Michela Hancock, UK multifamily development director, responds

Meet the adviser: Samuel Blake, Montagu Evans

What will the role of advisers be at Sitematch London 2017? Samuel Blake tells us how Montagu Evans is preparing for the event

Barking town centre transformation approved

Plans to build around 900 new homes in Barking have been approved by the local planning authority.

Non-London councils at Sitematch

This year’s Sitematch London on 8 February at The Shard will feature a number of non-London local authorities developers can book a meeting with.

Interview: Chris Rhodes from Sutton Council

The Sitematch team catches up with Chris Rhodes, the new head of asset management at Sutton Council

Meet the developer: John Bates from Village Hotel Club

Sitematch catches up with John Bates, director of acquisitions from Village Hotel Club, to discuss his role at the company and its plans for Sitematch

Featured council: London Borough of Waltham Forest

The London Borough of Waltham Forest is bringing a number of key opportunities to Sitematch London on 8 February.

Interview: Lee Parker and Amena Matin from Croydon

Sitematch speaks to Lee Parker, director of growth and Amena Matin, head of development, both from Croydon Council

Mayor publishes planning guidance

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has published a draft supplementary planning guidance detailing how he intends to get more affordable homes built.

Local plan for Bromley submitted

The final stage of consultation on a document guiding development in Bromley over the next 15 years is under way, as the council prepares to submit it to the secretary of state for examination.

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