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Timetable for Sitematch London event revealed

David Lunts, executive director of housing and land for the GLA, and Brendon Walsh, director of regeneration, economic development and environment at Hounslow Council will provide the opening speeches at next month's Sitematch London event.

Sutton lauds Sitematch London development boost

The Sitematch London project has helped stimulate development and regeneration in the London Borough of Sutton, according to a key council figure.

NHS trust sites added to Sitematch London website

Three sites owned by Royal National Orthopaedic NHS Trust have been added to Sitematch London.

English Heritage and Design Council Cabe join Sitematch

Representatives of two statutory consultees for planning applications will be attending the Sitematch London event to meet with developers.

Greater London Authority joins Sitematch London

The Greater London Authority will be represented at the Sitematch London event on 6 November to discuss sites with developers, and has added six of its development sites to the Sitematch website.

Transport accessibility ratings added to Sitematch website

PTAL scores which give information about access to public transport have been added for each site on Sitematch London.

Central and North West London NHS Foundations Trust joins Sitematch

Another NHS trust has teamed up with Sitematch London to meet with developers at the event on 6 November.

Community infrastructure levy details now on Sitematch London

Subscribers to Sitematch London can now view details of CIL charging schedules of participating councils.

Sitematch London survey still online

The opportunity to win a bottle of single malt Scotch whisky or a bottle of champagne is still available to those taking part in the Sitematch London online survey.

New Haringey sites added to Sitematch London

More than 20 sites in the London Borough of Haringey have been added to the Sitematch London database, so that developers and the council can discuss them at meetings during the next Sitematch London event on 6 November.

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