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Round-up: More sites added to Sitematch London database

More councils have added details of development sites in their boroughs to Sitematch London over the past month.

Raft of central government land added to Sitematch London

Sitematch London has added 36 sites owned by national government departments to the site.

International investors discover sites through Sitematch

Sitematch London is helping international investors source new development opportunities during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Havering adds new sites to Sitematch

Three more sites in Havering, all owned by the Greater London Authority, have been added to the Sitematch London database.

Sutton Sitematch property finds buyer

Sutton Council has found a buyer for one of its key development sites.

Report set to recommend public sector land push

A government task force has recommended 'lending' developers public sector land, and free them from building affordable homes in private rented schemes, according to a report.

Walsh set to leave Ealing Council for new role

Ealing Council's director of property and regeneration Brendon Walsh is moving to Hounslow Council to take up a new role.

Agency shifts focus to marketing surplus land

The government's regeneration quango will spend the next year getting surplus land owned by departments ready to be sold, it says.

Quango chief calls for quicker release of surplus land

Chief executive of the HCA has outlined the aim of speeding up the release of its land to the private sector.

London councils - use the 2012 Games to promote sites to investors

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is working with Sitematch London on an event to promote investment opportunities across the city to UK and overseas visitors during the London 2012 Games - and London councils can get involved.

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