New Sitematch events take shape

Thu 31st May 2012, 8:29 am

Sitematch London is preparing two more events following the successful inaugural Sitematch London day on 1 March.

The launch event involved officers and members from 28 London councils taking part in meetings with over 160 developers and their advisors, to discuss development opportunities across the city. The opportunities were posted by councils on www.sitematchlondon.com, from where developers could browse sites of interest and book meetings.

A second day of meetings and discussions will take place at City Hall on 6 November, 2012. 

Councils will be joined by other public sector landholders, with the Greater London Authority committing the Mayoral family of organisations to the event.

If you are interested in participating, either as a London council, public sector landholder, or as a developer/investor seeking opportunity sites in London, email us.

Plans are also underway for a larger, more comprehensive event in March 2013.

This will cover development opportunities both in and outside the capital, as well as introducing an element of foreign investment to the programme.

If you're a public sector agency of any kind with sites outside London that you'd like to see developed, or a developer or investor with an interest in development opportunities outside the capital, email us.

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