Sitematch London set to enhance borough profiles

Thu 13th September 2012, 8:08 pm

Sitematch London is to provide enhanced profiles of participating boroughs and public sector agencies.

Within weeks, each borough profile will be updated to include planning policy documents and details of emerging community infrastructure levy charging regimes across the capital.

Policy documents that will initially be made available are:

  • Core strategy document;
  • Proposals map;
  • Local development scheme;
  • Statement of community involvement 

These documents fall within each borough's Local Development Framework, which councils are obliged to draw up under the 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act.

At the moment, not every borough has adopted final versions of each policy document. In cases where a particular document is not yet available, it is the aim to include an estimated date when this document is due to be adopted and such material as is already available.

Over time, more planning documents will be added to Sitematch London, including Supplementary Planning Documents.

The website aims to include an extensive but easy-to-use collection of planning-related policy documents for developer, investor and advisor members of Sitematch London.

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