Interview: Richard Blakeway from the GLA

Thu 18th February 2016, 3:55 pm

We caught up with keynote speaker Richard Blakeway, deputy mayor for housing, land and property at Sitematch London 2016.

One of the key challenges for the Greater London Authority is addressing the housing crisis in London. Can you tell a bit about what the GLA is planning to tackle the crisis?

London has a large and growing population, and currently there are simply not sufficient homes being built to accommodate everybody. For this reason, we have set a very ambitious target of 50,000 new homes in the capital a year. Through various channels, we will be releasing a number of land opportunities in the coming years to build thousands of new homes, and speed us housebuilding in the capital.

Could you give an update on the London Land Commission?

The commission has been set two tasks: first, to publish a register of all GLA-owned land in the capital, and list this on an interactive map; second, to identify development hotspots around London. The register and map have been published, and we have already identified opportunities across 10 boroughs. We will announce more details on these shortly.

Transport for London recently announced its development panel. How will this affect cooperation between the GLA and TfL?

We think TfL’s announcement is great news – the initiative is nothing short of revolutionary for the organisation. TfL has a number of excellent development opportunities to build new homes, and we are looking forward to working with them on delivering key regeneration projects.

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