Meet the adviser: Chris Twigg, Inner Circle Consulting

Wed 13th December 2017, 12:57 pm

What will the role of advisers be at Sitematch London 2018? Co-founder and director of Inner Circle tells us how his firm is preparing for the event.

Could you give us a short description of Inner Circle Consulting, and what it specialises in?

At Inner Circle, we believe that the best solutions are yet to be discovered and the best outcomes yet to be delivered. That is why we prepare organisations for change and help them implement it. We do this through an intimate understanding of their business, a relentless focus on delivery, the use of techniques that challenge the status quo and bridge traditional disciplines.

We provide a broad range of services to public and private organisations in the sectors of corporate transformation, regeneration, construction, education, social care and health. These include project and programme management, property consultancy, change management and strategy development and strategic advice.

Why has your company decided to support Sitematch 2018?

The role of the council in regeneration and development continues to change and the line between the council and the private sector becomes even blurrier.

Sitematch provides the opportunity to bring councils and the private sector together en masse for a industry snapshot of the key issues and challenges that are being faced and the solutions being developed to overcome them.
If you have attended before, how did it benefit your firm last time?

This is our third year as an advisor and we have developed good relationships with the councils as a result.
What will you offer to the other delegates at Sitematch London?

We're preparing a special session for the other delegates at Sitematch London that we will reveal nearer the time. Watch this space!


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