Meet the council: The London Borough of Harrow

Tue 2nd January 2018, 3:17 pm

Harrow Council's director of regeneration and planning, Paul Nichols, speaks exclusively to Sitematch about the development ambitions for the borough

Why are you taking part in Sitematch 2018?
It's an excellent way to continue our dialogue with potential development partners for our regeneration programme here in Harrow.

We are now regulars at Sitematch and welcome this opportunity to make new contacts and share experience with others bringing forward major regeneration programmes in London.

How do you think your participation in Sitematch London will benefit your council?
Our programme is moving on rapidly, with our major schemes now going through planning and some major partner procurements in the pipeline.

This is an opportunity to take the temperature in the market, ahead of those procurements, and to ensure that key players are aware of these opportunities.  
What key sites is your council currently looking to develop?
The key sites are: the new civic centre in Wealdstone; Poets Corner (redevelopment of our existing civic centre site); Byron Quarter (redevelopment of our leisure centre site and surrounding land); and Greenhill Way (a mixed-use town centre redevelopment).
What kind of development partners are you looking for at Sitematch London?
The council is looking for contractors for the direct delivery components of our programme: the new civic centre building and around 600 build-to-rent homes.

We are also looking for potential joint venture partners to deliver the remainder of the programme on our key sites.
What are you looking to discuss with developers at Sitematch?
We are looking to gauge their appetite for the opportunities that we are bringing to market in 2018 - the council can also share its planned procurement approach and timetable.

What are some of the qualities that make a developer attractive to work with?
A great track record on similar projects in London, satisfied clients, value for money, commitment to quality – and an alignment to our values as a local authority developer.

If you'd like to meet Harrow at the next Sitematch London event on 8 February 2018, contact Josie Brewer on 020 7978 6840 for more information.


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