Lifeboat docks at Sitematch London

Sun 21st January 2018, 12:53 pm

At Sitematch London on 8 February, local authorities can participate in a private and free consultation to learn how they can tap into new revenue streams through inward investment opportunities.

These sessions are hosted by Lifeboat, a collaboration consisting of consultants Brendon Walsh, John Fisher, Inner Circle and 3Fox International. The Lifeboat concept was developed as a response to the increasing financial pressures on London’s local authorities as central government funding cuts increase.

To compensate for dwindling government contributions, more and more authorities are relying on housebuilding, regeneration and other forms of inward investment to plug funding gaps. Lifeboat asks and systematically analyses how realistic these options are for different boroughs, and how they can ensure a sustainable and predictable flow of inward investment.

Opportunities vary from place to place and the long term vision of the council. Core to the Lifeboat concept is how to get the most out of them.

Lifeboat aims to provide local authorities with baseline information on their borough in relation to other places, the likely impact from any regeneration activities and analysis on how they can adapt their regeneration and inward investment strategies to realise their placemaking ambitions.

Where would inward investment and development do the most good? What effects do planned development have and what could they have if planned differently? How does the development industry view the borough? And finally, how realistic are the council’s expectations and how might their reputation be improved?

The four Lifeboat contributors have a range of tools, relationships and opportunities to bring to bear on these questions.

John Fisher has an extensive history of comparing one place to another through economic, demographic and socio-economic factors. He aims to tell different borough stories and show how reality matches and deviates from the council’s vision, and how it compares to other places.

Inner Circle has developed a tool to assess the implication of different types of development on localities in terms of local health and wellbeing, employment, economy and other factors.

3Fox International has created a benchmarking programme to understand how developers view and rate local authorities in terms of attractiveness for investment and development.

Brendon Walsh has a wealth of experience contributing to successful regeneration projects as a local authority officer and within the private sector development industry.

If you would like more information about these consultancy sessions at Sitematch London, please contact Katie Randall at krandall@innercircleconsulting.co.uk​.

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