Meet the delegate: Tim Lowe from Lowe Guardians

Mon 29th January 2018, 2:27 pm

Tim Lowe, director at Lowe Guardians, caught up with Sitematch London to talk about what his company does and why he will be attending Sitematch London on 8 February 2018.

Could say something about Lowe Guardians?

Lowe Guardians provides property owners with a professional, efficient and low-cost solution to the problems created by leaving a building vacant and at the same time, providing affordable accommodation for London’s young professionals, key workers and creatives. Since our formation, we have been widely recognised for our professional and innovative approach to managing vacant space. Our work has been featured by Estates Gazette, Property Week, London Evening Standard, Dezeen, Financial Times, as well as the BBC and British Airways.

Lowekey was founded on the back end of Lowe Guardians, with the aim of supporting key workers who are being priced out of the areas they work in by high rental costs, despite giving so much back to the local community. Lowkey prioritises key workers, offering an affordable rental solution in close proximity to their workplace. At the same time, it provides local authorities and public bodies with a cost effective solution to managing its vacant buildings.

What is your objective for attending the event? What are you looking to discuss with attending local authorities?

It is a great way for us to get our new initiative, Lowkey, heard by local authorities across London, which we hope will result in us not only connecting with key decision makers within local councils and public bodies, but also gaining their valued opinions.

We want to gain an understanding of what councils are currently doing to assist key workers on low incomes when it comes to accommodation and how we feel Lowkey can truly alleviate the high retention rates for key workers.

What sets your organisation apart from other property guardians?

Lowe Guardians is a property guardian company with a difference. We provide affordable, inspiring places for our valuable younger generations to live and thrive in. At the same time, we provide property owners with a low-cost, professional and reliable solution to keeping their building secure.

We establish a sense of community with every space that we take on. This could be holding a film night for our guardians, organising a barbecue, or just ensuring that our communal spaces are fitted out to facilitate social interaction. Whatever it is, we ensure to create an engaging, positive space that it is treated with respect. For landlords, there is an obvious benefit; their property is being monitored by a highly engaged guardian scheme at little or no cost.

We do property guardian schemes the right way.

When working with the public sector, what qualities do you look for in public sector partners?

For us, it is key that public sector partners see the bigger picture and understand the huge value that key workers bring to their local communities. We are extremely transparent with how we operate, and look for partners who are on there same level.

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