Sitematch London: a beginner's guide

Fri 2nd February 2018, 10:11 am

With Sitematch London only a few days away, we explain what newcomers (and veterans) can expect from the day.

More than the sum of its parts

Sitematch is one of the most distinctive property conferences in the UK. In a single day, delegates can engage in private one-on-one meetings with senior decision makers from London boroughs, make new contacts and learn from experts during three briefing sessions.

Speed-dating with a twist

Sitematch London’s unique selling point is the "speed-dating style" meetings. Every public sector organisation participating in meetings is assigned a desk, where they host up to 12 short meetings throughout the day with developers or investors. These meetings are not by chance: they are pre-booked by the private sector attendees, using our online booking system. This means that everyone who is participating in the meetings knows before the event exactly who they will be meeting, and what the topic of conversation will be.

(In)formal networking

Not everyone attending Sitematch London participates in speed-dating meetings. Almost 20 local authorities and 50 developers come to the event to engage in networking outside of the pre-booked meetings. Networking delegates have plenty of opportunities to meet with speed-dating councils: during coffee breaks, a long lunch break and drinks reception afterwards. There are staff available on the day to help make introductions and set up impromptu meetings.

Opportunities to learn

Delegates will also be able to take part in three briefing sessions, where they can learn about the most recent trends in creating placemaking through the private rental sector, the changing roles of housing associations, and how council-owned housing companies will deliver homes in the coming years.

If you would like to attend Sitematch London, and experience first hand how it is different from other property events, contact Josier Brewer on 020 7978 6840.


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