Interview: Jonathan Martin from Waltham Forest

Fri 2nd February 2018, 10:20 am

Jonathan Martin, Waltham Forestís director of investment and delivery, talks to Sitematch about his responsibilities at the council and what benefits the property event brings for the local authority.

Could you say something about your role and responsibilities at the council?  

I am the director of investment and delivery at Waltham Forest and my current role focuses on the delivery of housing-led mixed-use regeneration schemes, commercial and employment development, business retention and growth, promoting employment and skills to raise the life chances for our residents, as well as inward investment – in order to capture new investment for the borough.

A key focus is in attracting inward investment to Waltham Forest and with helping to unlock opportunity areas to encourage growth in the borough. This includes running our 'Invest Waltham Forest' programme alongside my colleagues, for a range of events that includes investor site tours, investor facing events, as well as other smaller events with targeted audiences. My role also focuses on the creative sector and how we may help strengthen and grow this sector at the same time as delivering a housing zone.

What are the council's key development opportunities that you'd like to present at Sitematch?

We will be presenting our Lea Bridge and Leyton growth area, alongside our council-owned sites development opportunity next to Lea Bridge station, as well as the wider borough investment opportunities.

How does attending Sitematch London fit within the council's wider regeneration strategy?

Our economic growth strategy sets out our five core objectives for improving economic growth in the borough and is pivotal to our growth agenda.

Attending Sitematch London helps us meet with investors, developers, contractors and advisers who are genuinely keen to invest in the borough and are happy to discuss opportunities.

Sitematch London is also effective at ensuring a wide exposure to the development market and provides curated meeting appointments with companies of interest to us. It fits within our wider strategy as an early engagement event with the market, with an efficient use of time at the event.

What qualities do you look for in private sector partners?  

We look for high-quality credible private sector partners which understand delivery and working with knowledgeable communities, particularly with engagement and communications. They should also be prepared to work at a timely pace and respond positively to a changing development environment.

What do you do to prepare for the event?

In order to prepare for the event, we hold a Sitematch briefing session to review our development pipeline, as well as our comms and marketing content that we will distribute at Sitematch London, in order to ensure that we have the latest and most appropriate opportunities and information. We also work with our Sitematch appointed “host” adviser to agree our preparation and target audience.

If you'd like to meet Waltham Forest at Sitematch London on 8 February, contact Josie Brewer on 020 7978 6840.

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